Announcement Tuesday 7th July:
Well, here we go again!

Back into lockdown starting from Thursday 9th July

We're VERY sad to close our doors again (just when we were getting used to seeing you all in person again!)

We hope that with your combined love and support our beautiful studio and community will be able to reconnect in person again on the other side of this!

Until then, we'll see you on the other side of the screen for our Live Streamed classes!

You are all amazing and we're continuously impressed by the efforts you are all going to in order to maintain your practice and connection at this difficult time!
We can do this!!!
We really appreciate your patience with regards to responses to emails and questions (but hopefully the notes below will help too)!

- All reservations from this date forward have been automatically cancelled.

- All 'Class passes' and 'Intro Passes' will have their expiry date extended.

- From Thursday, All '$29/week Studio and Virtual Memberships' will be manually reduced to $20/week during this time (as you will still have access the LLW Online content). If you have this membership option and do not yet have an online login, please create one, and email us with your details so we can grant you access.

- The Live Streaming timetable will be updated next week.

- (FYI, Zoom are looking to make passwords mandatory in a few weeks time, we'll update details about this on the LLW Online Stream timetable page)

Thank-you all so much! 

Reach out via email if you need to:


Cara (& Ash) & the team at LLW

We are still offering Virtual live-streamed and on demand classes via our LLW Online Subscription.




Live Life Well is a vibrant and nurturing studio in Chelsea VIC. We offer Yoga, Pilates, Barre & Yin classes that are dynamic and transformational offering both a physical and philosophical practice. We also run incredible Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training courses for Yoga as well as Pilates & Barre.