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Can I practice if I'm pregnant?

Prenatal information

Do you have any intro offers?

New to the studio? Check out our intro offers!

How to prepare for my class?

What do I need to bring, what do I wear, what to do beforehand?

How to prepare for my infrared sauna session?

Protocol - what to wear, what to bring, what to expect?

How to redeem a 'Free Class Pass' card

Have you been handed a 'Free Class Pass' by one of our LLW Angels in the wild? Here's how to redeem your free class!

I'm having issues signing up to an unlimited membership

Some helpful hints if you're having trouble signing up to a membership in WellnessLiving!

I’m not flexible — can I do yoga?

Don't worry if you're not flexible... yoga is for everyone!

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Late Cancellations & No Shows

Important information about cancelling a class and late fees involved.

Live Life Well Studio Terms & Conditions

Please read this important information about our studio terms & conditions, including membership queries, general conditions of entry, studio access, use of equipment, membership fee increase, entitlements and obligations, special conditions and cancellation/terminations.

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Making a booking

Instructions for new and current students

Unlimited Membership T&Cs

Important terms and conditions for our $45/week unlimited studio memberships, including direct debit, hold instructions and cancellation instructions.

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Waiting List

Information on joining a waitlist

What are the benefits of practicing yoga and pilates?

What can I expect to get out of a class?

What do I need to begin?

The low down on what to wear and what to bring

What facilities are available at the studio?

Access to toilets and change room before and after your class

What should I eat before coming to class?

Info about eating and drinking before a class

When will I start to feel the benefits of my practice?

How many times per week should I practice Yoga and/or Pilates to gain the most benefits?

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