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September 11th 2017



Welcome to your Summer 12 Week Challenge. Live Life Well believes that your daily habits create the life your living. Our 12 week challenge is designed to help you uncover what is sabotaging your success, teach you to become self aware and accountable, inspire you to change, and give you the strength and desire to reach your fullest potential physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So lets get started... One thing that we truly believe is that us humans are all a part of nature. One way in which we can increase our happiness and effectiveness is to live organically with the seasons. Over time many of us have lost connection with how to live naturally with the seasons.  LLW's 12 Week Challenge is specifically designed to help you get back in tune with each season and honour what our bodies naturally want to do. 


Spring is a time of upward and expansive movement of creativity, planning a brighter future,vision and perspective; our goal is to harmonise ourselves with the movement of the prevailing season.

Spring is charged with a steady flow of energy through the body, helping the natural detoxifying process. Our activities should be geared towards creativity, determination and expression of our inherent mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence. Much in the same way many of us engage in an annual spring cleaning of our external environment, our bodies do the very same thing within our internal environment; physically and emotionally. 


Just as the buds on trees are sprouting and doubling in size daily we should also be pushing our self imposed boundaries  and  seek personal development and growth. We should engage in uplifting and creative activity that expands our energy and consciousness, this is why we are blessed with spring, the season of creativity, growth and renewal.


Lets dust of those winter cobwebs and use the natural energy that comes with spring to sweat out those toxins, increase our exercise and start eating fresh light meals. The name of the game is to face everything and avoid nothing that stands in the way of our evolution; to hide nothing from ourselves; repressed desires, emotional needs and pain should be should be greatly extracted from our depths and brought to the surface so that we may consciously release them (spring clean). To be successful in our own growth in spring we must have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clarity and cleanliness. Our 12 week challenge offers the ideal formula, community and space for success. We supply everything you need you just need to bring the desire and passion. 
Good luck beautiful people, stay connected on our forum or Fb Group we love hearing the good the bad and everything in between. 

Good luck with your first week lovers

Love  Cara xxx

Eat Real Food

Hi guys, my names Elyse, I’m a practicing nutritionist (you may know me from The Natural Nutritionist and I’m going to be guiding you through your 12 week challenge! Each week I’m going to supply you with a few simple tips, meal plans and resources to help you reach optimal health through real food education. 


This week, we are providing you with a 7 day meal plan which contains plenty of nutrient-dense recipes to get you through the week as well as some simple snack ideas. So make sure you check it out! I guarantee you will love it!


One thing I want you to remember is all the advice I’m giving you throughout these 12 weeks are not designed just for this challenge but to adopt for the rest of your life. This isn’t a diet its just simple real food living that is sustainable and the best lifestyle change and habit you can make. 


So lets dive in and get to the bottom of what real food actually consists of. We are constantly exposed to new information in the media about what to eat and what not to eat, the latest diet trends etc. it’s no wonder so many of us are confused. What I want you to focus on is consuming wholesome, natural and nutrient rich foods. So when I say this I mean fresh vegetables, fruit, grass-fed meats, oily fish salmon, nuts and seeds, avocado, coconut oil, just to name a few. What do all these foods have in common? They are not processed. So the first and most valuable thing you can do for your health (mind and body) is cut out junk food or anything that’s been interfered by humans. It really is as simple as that! 


Let’s break it down a little further. You may have heard of the acronym JERF (Just Eat Real Food) in other words, consumption of foods off a tree, from an animal or from the ground is a great way to think of it.  The best part about consuming these foods is you can say goodbye to calorie counting, brain fog and constant sugar crashes, I think way to many of us are familiar with 3:30itis. What you WILL experience is longer lasting energy, clarity in thinking and increased satiety (feeling of fullness). 


Now for some of you this might mean walking to your pantry after you finished watching this video and clearing away any unhealthy, highly processed foods, that way there is no urge for you to reach for those sugar packed snacks when your transitioning into your real food lifestyle. 


So that’s my first tip that I wanted to give you – simply eat nothing but real foods.


To book a consultation with Elyse or to find out more information visit:

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NUTRITION with Elyse Lagos

7 Day Meal Plan

Summer meal plan week 1-28

Summer meal plan week 1-28

Summer meal plan week 1-31

Summer meal plan week 1-31

Summer meal plan week 1-29

Summer meal plan week 1-29

Summer meal plan week 1-30

Summer meal plan week 1-30

Summer meal plan week 1-32

Summer meal plan week 1-32



To book a consultation with Kat call 0400 596 195

THE 5 P's OF SUCCESS with Kat Smith

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