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Live Life Well Unlimited Members!
Your Friends Get Benefits!
A friend of yours, is a friend of ours!

Send this webpage to them so they know how to join you on the mat for one of our incredible weekend classes!

Hey, Friend!

Here's how to create your account and join your friend in the studio for a Free Weekend Class

- Create a an account with us via our 'LiveLifeWell' App
(link to download app at the bottom of this page).

- Log into your account and choose the same weekend class your BFF is attending.

- Select the 'Friend With Benefits'  as your payment option.

- Be sure to attend WITH YOUR FRIEND on the day so they can vouch for you.

- ENJOY your class!

You'll still be eligible to purchase our $49 intro pass after your class to give you 2 weeks of unlimited classes (a great way to get to know all of our classes and teachers!)

Cant wait to see you in the studio!

*This offer is subject to change

We're extending an offer to you!
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