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Our Unlimited Memberships are 
fantastic value if you plan to attend
at least 2 classes per week.

FIRST Create an account with us

Once you're signed in with an account 
come back to this page and click the links below.

**If you're not signed in yet and you click the links below, the 'Sign Contract' button in Wellness Living will appear grey until you do sign in**

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PLEASE 'SIGN UP' or 'SIGN IN' to our Wellness Living Site

before clicking the links below:

Direct Debit from Bank account or Credit Card

Cancel anytime with 30 days notice via email
(Minimum term commitments apply to some special membership offers)


Unlimited classes

Yoga, Pilates, Barre AND Yin classes at LLW Studio in Chelsea

$45/week, $90/fortnight, $180/every4weeks
Direct debited from your bank account or credit card

Memberships are set to 'auto-renew' and will be active and taking payments at the selected frequency until we're advised via email that you wish to cancel - see cancellation instructions below.


You are permitted to put your membership on hold for 7 day blocks if you go on short holidays.
To place a membership on hold, you email us at a minimum of two weeks prior to the hold taking place (we'll email you back to confirm the hold).

If you don't hear back within 2 weeks, please call the studio to confirm that email was received (03) 9773 9486.

Holds must be applied in weekly blocks (7 days).

Your auto-payments will be suspended during the entirety of your hold period, and will resume upon the conclusion of the hold. Payments will be calculated on a prorate basis.

Memberships cannot be cancelled while on hold as 30 days active membership is required prior to cancellation.


Cancel anytime with 30 days notice via email to:

(There are some 'special membership offers' that have minimum term commitments which are made clear upon sign up, the 'Cancel anytime' terms listed above only come into play after any minimum term commitments agreed to have been met.)

No refunds or exceptions.


Payment can be made via direct deposit, from your bank account or with a credit card.
If you default on a payment, a $20 missed payment penalty fee applies for each missed payment.
This does not include any payment default charges applied by the payment clearance house that we use.
If two default payments occur, the membership will be cancelled, until monies owed are repaid.


We reserve the right to increase the price or change the terms of this membership at any time (you will be given at least 30 days notice via email/newsletter if we intend to do this so that you have the option of discontinuing should you not agree with the new terms).

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