Booking in, Waitlists & Cancellations

Late Cancellation & No-Show Fees:
you cannot attend the class please cancel it ASAP! 
Failure to cancel a reservation in time may result in a forfeit of that class pass (pass holders) or a $20 fee for unlimited access members.

This is to ensure that anyone on the waiting list has a chance to attend if a space opens up.

Early Cancellation: 
(ie. before the Minimum notice time begins, see below) - No fee

Late Cancellation:
Morning classes: Minimum 10 hours notice (ie. BEFORE 8pm previous day)

Evening Classes: Minimum 6 hours notice


Pass holders forfeit the missed class, members incur a fee charged to their account on file.

It is the students responsibility to cancel the class online themselves,

cancellation requests will not be accepted via email, text or phone.
Just find the class in your 'My Schedule' on your mindbody account and click 'cancel'

How to Cancel my reserved class.png

Waiting List:
If a class you wish to attend is full, PLEASE JOING THE WAITING LIST, 

this will help us asses class demand as we intend to add more classes in the coming weeks.
(please ensure your mobile & email are up to date in 'MY INFO' section of your Mindbody Account as well as making sure you have 'opted in' to receive email and text notifications)

If a space becomes available before the Late Cancellation window time begins (ie. 10hrs or 6hrs before), 
the next client in line on the waitlist will AUTOMATICALLY move to the class roster.
You will receive a text to confirm your spot, please respond Y/N, if you say N the space will be offered to next in line.


If a space becomes available after the Late Cancellation window time begins(ie. 10hrs or 6hrs before), clients already waitlisted will NOT be AUTOMATICALLY move to class roster.
This ensures that clients from the waitlist will have enough notice to make it to the class on time.

In this instance, please check online to see if you can book in a lucky last minute spot.


New Students

- Create a Mindbody account here 
- Navigate through on our Mindbody site, Passes & Memberships Tab > Passes > Yoga&Pilates Classes
or click here to purchase your INTRO pass
- Navigate through to 'Classes' or click here to view and Book In


Current Students
Log in to Mindbody using the email address that you provided on sign-up.

(If you've never done this before, just use the email address that your welcome email or purchase receipt was sent to, if you do not yet have a password, please click 'Need New Password' and follow the prompts)

If you're still stuck, try searching for the answer to your question on the Mindbody App support page here:
If that doesn't work, send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Unlimited Membership Booking info
Booking Window information:

To keep things fair, all classes can only be booked 10 days in advance from the current date.

We're aware that the above is a bit confusing - we hope we'll all get the hang of how the system operates over the next few weeks. 



In short, if you do the following, everything will go swimmingly! 
Book Early, 
Cancel Early 
(if you need to cancel) 
Join the Waitlist
and keep an eye out for a Lucky Last Minute Spot if the class is starting soon.

We thank you for your understanding.